Evie’s Empire Cover Reveal

Calling all bloggers! July 31st through August 3rd I’ll be hosting a mini blog tour and reveal for Evie’s Empire! The cover itself will be first revealed on this blog and Goodreads on July 31st. For now you can sign up to participate in the tour HERE


Somehow, Evelyn Cort has made it to her eighteenth birthday without any life-changing events. However, just before she finally passes into adulthood her grandfather turns her life upside down and, quite literally, brings her to a whole new world. Continent: Atlantia. Country: Cort Empire. Evie is heir to something much larger than she could have ever imagined, but someone is trying to take her birthright. A country that she knows nothing about is in her hands, and she has a choice. Defend her birthright or do the easy thing and remain as she is?

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