Cover reveal- Evie’s Empire!

Guess what day it is? July thirty-first folks! My birthday happens to be in August, so now I’m counting down the days, but it also means I get to show you my new book cover. It will also be released on my GOODREADS account, and please share the news!

Now I know you’re probably all thinking just get to the cover already but truth be told I’ve never done an official reveal for any of my covers.

Crazy, right? Right? *don’t question my sanity*

So this is sort of a big deal for me and while I’m super excited to show it all to you, I also want to maintain that suspence.

But now, without further ado:


It’s beautiful, right? Never mind don’t answer that.

Anyways, my tentative release date is in the fall, but I’m not sure if that will happen because of school/sports/show choir so we’ll see. But- here’s to hoping right?

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!