Not WWW#6

EDIT: WWW#6 but it’s too late to change the graphic ;P oops I guess I can’t count.

So… I’ve been kind of terrible at putting out WWW, obviously. I refuse to give up, however I do acknowledge that I need a break. School this year is a lot harder than last year, and I’ve started to actually use my study halls for studying. (Except for right now because I forgot my Chromebook and can’t research for history so…)

Anyways, I’m telling you all this because I’m taking a mini hiatus from my blog, which I’ve never done. Today will be my last WWW and update (excluding NaNoWriMo updates) until I’ve caught up on my grades and Cross Country ends. During November I’ll be focusing on my NaNo project, which is either the second book in the Tales of Atlantia or a secret project. I’m not sure yet.

I’ll also be taking a break from Goodreads, which I did last year because of school. I’ll be posting on there about my break as well.

Asor your writing prompt, here’s a cheasy one that makes me smile:

I’ll see you again briefly during NaNo, but for now, goodbye!

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