Review: Project Scrooge (A. M. Heath)

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m still on hiatus. I had signed up for a blog tour previously and I’m just doing my job. And note to all of you: this is a really good book!

A.M. Heath’s Bio

Besides being an Indie Author, I’m a wife, mother of four, children’s Sunday School teacher, sweet tea drinker, history fanatic, romantic, bubbly, lover of broccoli, and a retired cake decorator who has a soft spot for Christmas trees, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and a sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. What I’m not is a laundress (or at least not one who keeps up very well), a duster, tall, or patient in a doctor’s office.

Book Description

Can Scrooge find love from a friendship gone cold?Sanford Stone cut ties with his best friend, Natalie, in favor of the love of his life … a woman who ended up walking out on him just before Christmas. Six years later, Sanford can’t bring himself to celebrate Christ’s birth with any joy. Little does he know, his grandmother and her companions have dubbed him the Scrooge and intend to help him overcome his bitterness and find happiness again.The only thing that has hurt Natalie Dunivan more than Sanford cutting her out of his life has been watching his long-held grudges slowly destroy the man she has always loved. When Ms. Carol devises a plan to reach out to Sanford, Natalie eagerly agrees.Sanford accepts his grandmother’s challenge to celebrate Christmas for 31 straight days, but he didn’t count on her plan involving Natalie. Can his family and friends help their Scrooge see the error of his ways, or will Natalie’s presence only make things worse?


five stars

Prose 5/5

Romance: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5


Engaging and simple. Easy to read, but I still really liked it.


Very well carried out- with just the right amount of sweetness and tension. I loved the trope from friends/enemies to lovers too!


Well done, especially ‘scrooge.’ The transition/character arc was smooth and seemed natural.


For a romance novel this was up there. I didn’t want to put it down and it was pretty engaging. Unlike some romance novels, it didn’t focus solely on finding love.


Cute, with just the right mix of romantic tension and plot! It’s a good Christmas read, perfect for the holidays.


Mentions of romance, light kissing.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing Project Scrooge with your followers! I’m so glad you liked it. And my little heart just adores the way you break down your review. It’s refreshing and to the point.

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