New Releases + Life Update

Hey y’all! I don’t know if any of you remember, but back in the winter after I went on hiatus I let you know about a new novel I had planned- Apple Pie. I also (even longer ago) had plans for something called Evie’s Empire. Well, I promise both of them are still going to be released, editing has just been taking me a LOT longer than I previously thought.

I will be releasing Apple Pie this spring. I originally thought that Evie’s Empire would be the first, but I just read it through again and it needs a MAJOR re haul. Apple Pie, however, is in the publishing stage! *finally…*

I suspect, also, that I will soon be officially back online and no longer in hiatus, as my high school has been switched to online because of the corona virus.

There is one project that I’ve been hinting at recently and how excited I was to share it with you. It’s switched names over the past few months, and I’m currently referring to it as PC. It’s a four-book + prequel series, I have outlines for books .5-2, covers for .5-4, and about 60% of the first draft for book 1 done.

I think I’m finally ready to reveal the book titles and those are….

The Girl Who Became Queen, .5

The Runaway Princess, 1

The Mountain Princess, 2

The Servant Princess, 3

The Ambassador Princess, 4

Sound familiar? Almost two years ago I released a novella called The Lost Princess, the first book in the Fairy Tale Chronicles. When I released and wrote the series I was only fourteen, and my writing has greatly improved. Recently I made the decision to completely re-write the series. What was once the Fairy Tale Chronicles is now Princess Chronicles.

In addition to rewriting, and adding novels/reordering them, I have also lengthened them. I’m aiming for at least 65,000 words per novel, and currently draft 1 is at 48,000 words 19/35 expected chapters.

I have no release date, but I do know that The Runaway Princess won’t be finished until at least summer 2021. So, expect some updates concerning the new novels, and be aware that the Fairy Tale Chronicles are going to be unpublished and unavailable for purchase within a week!

I also have some big information: I’m formally coming back off of my hiatus! Look forward to a continuation of my WWW!

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p.s. my friend Ellie Loretta (yes her middle name is my first name) recently made a fashion website, which I helped her set up, and an Instagram. Visit to support her, or visit her Instagram: @lorettaellie