Apple Pie Release!

We’re taking a break from the regular Wednesday posting to celebrate Apple Pie‘s release! I’m really pumped about it. This is my first full novel I’ve ever published, and my first contemporary novel.

The goodreads link and the blurb:

Crown Prince Andrew is tired. Tired of his role as Prince, tired of not having any choices, and tired of the pressure to marry. His father is ill, and Andrew knows he’ll be taking over the throne before too long. But economic failure is on the tongues of every person in Whittenberg and Earl Barton is leading parliament in circles trying to solve the problem.
Claiy Bowen came from America a year ago but still hasn’t found a job as a pastry chef. Andrew is easy to be around, but she thinks he’s selfish and denies any chance of a relationship between them. It doesn’t help that his mother is set on him marrying Lady Growbeth, not some foreigner.
Can Andrew learn to accept his fate as Crown Prince, and can Claiy learn to accept Andrew?

You can purchase the e-book version here, and the paperback version should come out by tomorrow morning!

If you’re still not sure what to think about it, watch the video trailer!

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