The Phantom Thief: Reivew

The Phantom Thief, AKA Simon Lee book 1: P.D. Atkerson

This book falls under the action/spy genre, which isn’t what I usually read. Honestly, I’m starting to think I should broaden my horizons a little because every time I read a book outside of my usual genres I usually really like it.

Anyway, this book was really enthralling and I honestly just really enjoyed reading it!

Five stars

Prose: 4/5


Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5


There were definitely a few instances were things felt a little choppy, or I noticed a grammar mistake, but it wasn’t a huge deal and didn’t pull me out of the story or anything.


So there wasn’t really any romance in this book, but I just want to talk about the non-romantic relationships here for a few minutes. I absolutely LOVED the family dynamics in this, and I really liked the friendships too! Everything seemed super realistic and I really liked how everything was woven together.


Really well done. Since this is a spy type novel, there was a lot of good/bad/which-side-are-you-on stuff. I think how everyone reacted to Lee was pretty cool. I really want to know more about him, maybe more about his backstory, and why he’s so smart. There were a lot of little clues through the story. Also, like I said above, the relationships are great!


Okay so this was all over the place! Because Lee is a criminal before the story even begins, there was a lot of him kind of trying to figure out which side he was on/etc. But I really thought it was well carried out. I was never confused, and it moved along pretty quickly.


I really enjoyed this novel! Hopefully I can read the rest of the series sometime! It was very fast-paced and engaging. I am a little curious about the cover, because on the cover the boy has glasses but I don’t think Lee has glasses? Maybe they’re sunglasses?


Okay so it is a spy book so…. there’s definitely mentions of guns/people getting killed etc. There’s also some bombs, they do break into a building, mentions of jail/being locked up. Mentions of crime leaders, the usual things you would expect from a spy novel. Nothing gory or over-described, no foul language. All-in-all fairly clean.


Lee is known as many things. A con artist, master thief and most times smarter than anyone else in the room. One thing he’ll never be, is normal. He never has been, nor will he ever be. That’s why the agency needs his help, and that’s why he’ll give it to them, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own plans too.

Joining up with the team that arrested him won’t be easy, but he’ll do anything to bring down the man who ruined his life. After he’s worn so many faces, how does he really know who he is underneath?

Most teenagers have hobbies, his is crime.


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