The Green Ember series: Review

The Green Ember, Ember Falls, Ember Rising, Ember’s End

I just recently finished this series. My mom used to read one book out loud to my siblings and I, a chapter a day, back when I was home schooled. Some of my favorite memories are from Mom reading to us. About three years ago, she picked up the first book in the series. Although we never got fully through the second book, my brother and I finished the series on our own. I just finished the last book this spring, right after it was released.

I definitely didn’t go into this series with any feelings towards it, excitement or not, but I came out really enjoying it!

Five stars

Prose: 5/5

Romance: 5/5

Characters: 5/5

Plot: 5/5


I obviously don’t remember the first book, or most of the second, but the prose in the last two was definitely good. It can be hard to accurately portray animals as relatable and human-like, but S.D. Smith does a great job of this.


So I can’t say too much or I’ll spoil the first book. However, the way both the romantic and non-romantic relationships develop in this novel is highly admirable on Smith’s part. They are all very realistic. The main romantic thread in the novel is very slow-burn, and I definitely ship the two characters!


This is definitely one of the author’s strong points. I didn’t remember a lot of the details from the first novels when I finished the series, but I definitely remembered the characters! From Picket and Heather to Smalls and Uncle Wilfred to Helmer and Emma, all of them have their unique backgrounds and hopes and dreams.


The series as a whole is very complex, and there are a lot of layers to every book. It is a little hard to keep track of everything, but I greatly admire Smith’s ability to write such a complex novel!


This is a great series, very complex. Smith deals with some very complex issues, and he handles them all very well.


There is a lot of war/battle type chapters, much of it described. It is aimed at a middle grade age range, but some of the more graphic descriptions of the pain/destruction the birds of prey inflict upon the rabbits may be triggering/scary for younger/less mature audiences. Nothing too overly graphic though, and all of it depicted as wrong.

My place beside you, my blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world.


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