Poem: It Seemed So Easy

So today I’m sharing a little bit of poetry I wrote late freshman year. It’s actually a song, but I’ve yet to finish the music bit. Here it is!

It seemed so easy

All you have to do is talk

So why do the words stick in my throat

It seemed so easy

Just open your mouth

Spit it out

Like I’ve been taught

Fear grabs hold

The words stuck in my throat

It seemed so easy

I thought I’d try

Made up my mind

But now I’m talking

About her hair

Lost my chance

It seemed so easy

So simple to say

Few words needed

But will they laugh at me

Fear grips my throat

I’ve lost my chance 


It seemed so easy

I need to learn to speak my mind

Say what I believe

With my heart

My soul, my mind

Why can I not say what I mean

I could change their world

If only I had courage

It seemed so easy

I had it all planned out

Words are all it takes

It seems so easy

I’ve yet to see how the story ends

Now, I’ll leave the meaning of the song up to speculation, but if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment or let me know in some other way! I’d love to know what you all think it means.

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