Three Snippets: The Runaway Princess

I’m currently working at a camp, and will be all summer. Last week Wednesday was our arrival day, so I didn’t have time to put out a post. I may change my posting day to match my day off, Sunday, but for now it will still be Wednesday. Anyway, today I have a lovely bunch of snippets from my current work-in-progress!

These are all from my current work-in-progress, The Runaway Princess. The finished (first draft) of the novel will be somewhere around an estimated 58k – 60k words. I’m very close to finishing, and hope to sometime this month.

All of these snippets are spoiler-free, and if anyone is intrigued by them and wants to potentially sign up for an arc/beta/alpha copy later in time, look out for sign-ups!

Snippet #1, (Celeste) currently the beginning of Chapter One

Once upon a time not-so-long-ago in a land far, far away, there lived a girl in a tower. She was quite happy in the tower, and her cat. Madam brought her books and fabric, for she loved to sew, but Madam never stayed long. The girl’s name was Celeste, and she had hair that stretched past her feet. She loved her little tower, despite the fact that Madam was never quite loving.

Her tower was her home, and she didn’t ever want to leave.

After all, why would you want to leave paradise?

“Do you think I look better in blue or green, Juniper?” Celeste asked as the pale gray cat wove between her legs. She considered the two bolts of fabric spread out in front of her.


“I agree,” she continued. “Blue it is.” She spread out the sky-blue fabric on her sewing table and began pinning a pattern in place, chattering to her cat meanwhile. “Do you think Madam is going to visit today? She hasn’t in a while but I really don’t think she has any reason to. I—Juniper!”

Juniper had jumped up onto the sewing table and sat on her pattern.

“Naughty kitty,” Celeste murmured, picking her up. “I thought you knew better than to jump on my sewing projects.” she set the cat on her lap and brushed the fur off the table. “We’ve had this dicussion before.”

Juniper kneaded her paws into Celeste’s jacket. “Purrrrrr,”

Celeste petted her absently. “I’m not even close to out of food, so she won’t be bringing any if she does come. I have plenty of fabric—Juniper would you stop?” she pushed the cat onto the floor and watched as it padded over to the window-seat and jumped up, glancing over at her pointedly.


“Fine,” Celeste sighed and pushed away from the pile of fabric, sliding across the wooden floor to join the cat. “What do you want?” she asked, pushing her long braid out of the way to peer out the window.

Juniper pressed her head against the glass. “Mrrrew!” 

Celeste ran a hand absently down the cat’s soft back as she scanned the familiar horizon. Just at the edge of the sea, almost out of eyesight, she could see the shoreline that Madam often came from. No other boats ever dared travel that far into the bay unless they were passing by to the kingdom on the other side—and then they wouldn’t dare stop at the forbidden castle. 

Snippet #2, (Abigail) currently middle of Chapter Two

“Your Majesty?” Lord Rush was rising to his feet from the tables, and bowing to her.

Her teeth clenched, and she willed herself to relax. Just because he does not like you does not mean he will harm your reputation. “Lord Rush?” she forced her voice to be lilting.

“If I may ask you, where is Prince Ethan, Your Majesty? It has been too long since he has graced our company.”

Behind his fine words and smile, she saw his ambition. He wanted to expose her in front of the court—show them all who he thought she was. But she smiled, tipped her glass slightly. “Oh, he’s very busy. You know, travel and children make you too tired for dinner!” her light laugh rang out through the hall.

Lord Rush was still standing. “So when will you bring him down to eat with us again? He has not attended for years, my queen.”

Abigail narrowed her eyes just as a servant—her personal maid—slammed a basket on the table, buns flying everywhere.

“He’s right you know. And I know where Prince Ethan is too!”

“Cilla Starling you go back to the kitchen this instant!” Abigail cried. Why did they send her out to serve? She never serves.

Cilla leaped up on the table, pushing dishes over and causing the nobility to gasp.

“Cilla,” Abigail said warningly. Her hem felt heavy with the thin piece of rose-shaped wood, and she rose.

“You’ve been keeping him away—haven’t you?”

Abigail’s captain of the guard, Mason Wren, rushed out of a side hall and to the table where Cilla stood.

“Cilla,” he hissed, glancing at the queen. “Please get down from there!”

She glared at him. “Not today. I’ve been quiet for too long. It’s time to give up on the princess, Queen Villn. Ivory—” she hesitated, and Abigail remembered that when they were children Cilla had played with her daughter.

“Be quiet, Cilla. Ivory will come back to me.” Abigail took a deep breath and turned to Lord Rush. She picked up her wineglass and raised it in the air. “We can drink to Lord Rush,” she said, pausing to glance at the nobility. Disdain dripped off of her voice. “And his stupidity,” she added, and tipped her wineglass back, emptying it.

Lord Rush’s fingers shook, and Abigail smiled through her teeth, tossing the wineglass behind her.

It shattered, the sound of glass on stone echoing through the deathly silent hall.

“Captain Wren, would you be so kind as to see the lord off?” she waved a hand dismissively. “I shall see to him later.”

Snippet #3, (Ivory) currently part of chapter three

“I won’t tell anyone,” Dove said when Jacob released her. “I promise. How long have you lived here?”

Ivory tugged the cloak closer around her, shielding against the sudden chill. “Since my mother visited and I ran away,”

“Do you live on your own?”

“No,” Ivory replied, relieved to change the subject. She never liked speaking about her mother. “Would you like to meet the woman I live with?”

“Yes please,”

Jacob untied his horse and fetched Dove’s. “We’ll stay for a bit, but then I have to bring you back in time for dinner. You can’t ever visit Ivory on your own.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s too dangerous for her safety,” he said, glancing at Ivory.

She smiled. “I’ll be fine, Jacob. But you’re right, it’s probably too dangerous for Dove to visit on her own.” she led the way down the path, listening to the siblings behind her.

“You promise?” Jacob asked.

“I promise,” Dove said, and Ivory knew she was rolling her eyes.

She smiled slightly, wishing that her life had taken a different path and she was living in a castle with the freedom to visit the White family in the open. But her mother had crushed that dream, and so she’d run away.

She wouldn’t think of her mother. She’d made a promise to herself long ago that she’d never again allow her mother to dictate every thought.

As the small cottage she called home came into view Jacob fell into step beside her.

“I’ve got news,” he whispered, and his fingers brushed over hers ever-so-slightly before he glanced back to look at Dove.

She lowered her voice. “What is it?”

“I figured out what happened to Ethan, through a few of my father’s spies. Your mother is keeping him locked up. We’ll just have to trust God that he his safe-”

“Locked up?”

“Who’s locked up?” Dove asked, and Ivory cringed.

“No one,” she said. “We were just talking.” she lowered her voice, tilting towards Jacob. “What do you mean?”

“Reports aren’t clear. But we do know that Ethan has been missing for nearly as long as you—and the queen is telling no one where he’s gone. I can come back for dinner if you want to talk then.”

“What? So he just—”

“Is this your house?”

The Runaway Princess floats between the three POVs above, Celeste, Abigail, and Ivory. I’m really loving how it’s coming together! If anyone is interested in reading it for the first draft of edits sometime around the end of June/beginning of July, just contact me!

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