Writing Tips from Pinterest

To be honest, I learned SO much from Pinterest, I don’t even know where to start! I also gained a lot of knowledge from bloggers like Kellyn Roth and Kingdom Pen.

I’m going to share about six pieces of my favorite writing advice, but at the end, I’ll also share the link to my whole Pinterest board if you’re interested. It’s actually a collaboration with my friend Ellie Loretta, a fashion blogger who dabbles in writing (mostly blogging). She’s the one who got my interest in Pinterest to start with, and my very first writing board was on her account. I haven’t moved all the pins onto my own account yet, so it’s just a collaborated board right now.

Anyways, let’s begin!

Pin #1: Characters

I use this pin mostly for ideas, but I really love how unique a lot of it is, and it helps break cliches when I’m stuck in the same character paths.

Pin #2: Rewriting

This one really changed my perspective on writing, and editing. I found this pin a very long time ago, but it really changed my writing. I did this with one of my novellas when I was younger, and it really changed how I write. It made both the novel and my writing better. One of the most awful things I’ve ever done, but also one of the best.

Pin #3: Holes

I found this one slightly more recently, but it also impacted how I view editing and the first draft. It really reminds me not to over-describe/explain everything. I’m a fan of monologues, unfortunately. Although to be honest the best villain I ever wrote only turned out so good because I wrote her a monologue in advance explaining her motives, and then went back and put all that info into the story itself. But that’s another story!

Pint #4: Alternatives

This is less of a lesson I learned and more of a helpful tool. I never use things like this when writing, but after during editing the find + replace function can come in handy combined with this list. If there’s a word you know you overuse, you can go back and fix all of it up after.

Pin #5: Pain

This pin really makes me remember that I have a tendency to gloss over injuries after the fact. I recently added two pretty big injuries to my draft of The Runaway Princess. It’s easy for me to forget after the fact that they still suffer pain, so I really need this reminder!

Pin #6: Format

This took SO LONG to learn properly, and I still usually end up messing something up. It’s so hard to keep track of everything, but I promise after practicing it you’ll eventually do it automatically!

I hope you enjoyed those pins, and here’s the promised link to the general writing board, with somewhere around 870 pins. https://www.pinterest.com/lorettaellie/writing/ It isn’t super well organized right now, Ellie and I are working on it I promise!c

And don’t forget if you want me to read your novel and feature it on my blog, just sign up here!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!

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  1. Wow I never knew you could actually learn about writing on Pinterest. I mean, anywhere but Pinterest! Well now I know. Thanks for sharing!

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