Eight Writing Prompts

I’ve still been collecting writing prompts, and since I no longer have a Weekly Wednesday Writing prompt, I figured I’d just give you a bunch of them all at once!

Prompt #1
Prompt #2
A dump of Writing Prompts - Imgur
Prompt #3
Prompt #4
Prompt #5
Ah, sorry readers! I know I’m sort of maybe breaking the forth wall here but-uh... I’m late. So anyways, what do we have here?
Prompt #6
I can just picture there being two people, one on the ship who knows their ship is infected. They know they can't dock (I'm thinking spaceships) the other person is at the docks or other ship, crying or trying to be brave because the ONE person they care about is p that ship and they can't see them again and they know it's all for good, but somehow they wish that they were on that ship too, even if it meant they were infected too.
Prompt #7
Writing Prompt
Prompt #8
Write about a character who survived the apocalypse and has now taken the role of leader for a small group of survivors. The catch? The character is the oldest person amongst their small group. Double catch? This character is only seventeen years old.

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