Staying Organized: Prioritization

I’m currently working at a local camp (actually with Ellie Loretta, you should check out her camp styles series!), where I get at minimum 6 hours of work per day, plus I’m preparing for Cross Country this fall, and with all of that I’m still trying to keep up my blog, edit The Runaway Princess, read a few nonfiction books, and of course keep up with reading the bible. So I’m going to share a series about staying organized!

One of the most important things to me is prioritizing and writing things down. Wednesday is my blogging day, so it’s also one of the two days a week I don’t exercise, and I sometimes skip writing too. I don’t want to get overwhelmed by too much work!

I like to make lists, and so I usually create a list with every task I have to complete every day, and then I’ll arrange them by priority. If I don’t have time to complete something, I move it to the next day.

If you struggle with choosing which tasks are more important, for me it’s helpful to make a decision of whether or not I can do a task the next day, or even next week. For example, in the case of blogging I have a schedule I stick to of blogging once a week on Wednesdays. I can’t put off blogging until Thursday, or the post won’t get out in time, I could do it earlier though, so sometimes I squeeze at least half of the work into Tuesday.

If you’re like me and like to write things down/cross things out, carry a notebook everywhere you go. For me it’s my bullet journal, which I’ll cover in a future post.

For some people, like my mom, who are too busy to keep track of a notebook, using a notes app like Evernote or Google Keep can help for making lists.

If you’re more of a mental person, and you like to keep everything in your head, that works too! Whatever you find helps you best keep track of things- there isn’t one definite way to stay organized.

That ends the first in Staying Organized! Next week we have a special Saturday post on the 25th, unrelated to the Staying Organized series, to look forward to.

I hope you enjoyed! And don’t forget if you want me to read your novel and feature it on my blog, just sign up here!

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