Staying Organized: Bullet Journals

Today I’m going to be talking a lot about bullet journals, especially the system I use. However, for some people bullet journals just aren’t it, sometimes because they are too complicated or too artistic. Most of the things I’m going to talk about can be done in either a regular notebook, or a typcial planner.

My bullet journal (bujo) is used for two purposes, the main one being homework, but the other one being a general this-is-where-I-dump-information.

Here at camp, 1-on-1s are a big thing. Two people will make room in their schedule for a conversation, sometimes over a meal. They might go boating, or for a walk, but whatever they do it usually results in a deep conversation of some sort. One of the things I like to do is write down all my 1-on-1s in my bujo so I don’t forget any of them.

Bujos can also help with prioritization, like I talked about in my last post. Especially during quarantine, if there’s ever a large list of tasks I need to do, I’ll write everything down and then check them off as I do them.

I also use my bujo to store general lists, like books I like, good quotes, givings tracker, list of things to pack for various trips, favorite songs, sermon notes, and fun doodles. This is a great way to have everything I need in one place.

The last thing I use my bujo for is keeping track of daily things I do. I usually make a little baby size calendar, or sometime just numbered shapes, where I can check off each daily task. Usually this page is right after my monthly calendar and with my monthly verse, quote, and goals. The tasks change a little month-to-month but usually include exercise, write, and blog. Exercise goes away during sports, and sometimes during school I’ll add water (drinking enough per day) and sleep (getting more than 8 hours).

That’s it for the second post in Staying Organized! Looking forward we have a special post on Saturday, and next week instead of my regular schedule it’s a review for Angela R. Watts’ new release, The Grim Alliance.

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  1. I have an all-in-one journal, where I maintain monthlies and daily spreads, but also have pages dedicated to brain dumps, daily journalling, and even ink logs for my fountain pens. Thanks for sharing this!

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    1. My mom uses a similar system to that! It is nice to have all your important information in one place.


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