Staying Organized: Good Habits

One of the most important parts of staying organized, especially when you’re busy, is having good habits. If you try to do everything all in one day you’ll get stressed, but if you do a little bit every day your life will be so much easier.

I always make a little time for organization every day, sometimes right after my devotionals, but when I’m in school this usually happens in study hall. I usually pull out my bullet journal and make a list of everything I have to do, plus check my calendar for the day (or the next day).

Here at camp we have to fill out time cards, so every evening I’ll take out that and fill it out. At home evenings are used to complete homework.

My mom has a whiteboard calendar in our living room, and I usually try to check that every morning as well.

Another good habit is to always write down an event whenever you first here of it. Lots of times I’ll scribble it on my hand and put it in my bullet journal later. This is a great way to stay on top of everything.

The last (one of the most important) habit I have is routinely clearing out my backpack and homework folder. Sometimes I’ll do this during study hall, but I try to do it at least one evening a week. This way I always have everything I need, and know where it all is.

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