For The Jane Austen Fans

I know that many of my readers, myself included, are fans of Jane Austen and her works. I fell in love with her novels after I read Emma in 8th grade, and later watched the movie with my mom. So today, for a bit of a fun post after my organization series, I’m going to share some quotes, similar authors, and TV shows/movies!

The first thing I’m going to talk about is Downton Abbey, because most of you have probably already heard of it/already watch it. It is both a movie and a TV show. It does have some historical inaccuracies, if you are picky about those things this won’t work for you, and isn’t suitable for an younger audience, as there are some iffy scenes. (The worst one is one of the very first episodes). Overall, it has an excellent storyline and plot, and does a very good job of showing how life was changing for the aristocracy. The costumes are excellent, and the characters are as well.

The second thing I’m going to cover is authors. There are several who write novels reminiscent of Austen, though few capture her language and true authenticity of the times. Lynn Austin is a good Christian romance author, and I’ve enjoyed many of her novels. If you are less of a romance fan and want that good historical accuracy, you can always try Agatha Christie.

Kellyn Roth is another good historical romance author, especially if you like Christian romance and novels dealing with the actuality of life. She also features a lot of cute children in her series titled Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, so that’s always a plus.

There are plenty more Christian historical romance authors for those who prefer a cheesy romance, one of which is Lori Wick. For those who like a slightly more plot-based novel set in the american west, Janette Oke is a good author, especially her series Love Comes Softly.

For those fairy-tale lovers, Allison Tebo offers some very well-done fairy-tale retellings, set in a similar time to Jane Austen, but with slightly less of a romance focus. Lawana Blackwell has a very good series called Gresham Chronicles, that have more romance but plenty of plot, and also feature children.

Another well-done novel is Princess Paisley, by Chautona Havig. It is set in a fantasy land, but retains elements of a Jane Austen, and holds a very sweet romance. She also wrote the series Annals of Wynnewood, which is another fantasy series that I enjoyed when I was slightly younger. It isn’t very Austen, but a well-written series I felt the need to share.

The last thing I’m going to share today is my top three favorite Jane Austen novels! If you’ve never really gotten into Austen, or would like to read them for the first time, I would recommend beginning with Emma. It’s also a good idea to watch the movie after you read it, it gives you motivation to read and helps you understand the novel!

1- Pride and PREJUDICE

I’m a sucker for a slow-love story, and this is exactly that! Plus, who could resist Darcy? There are several good movies for this one, and I’m not going to pick a favorite today, but the novel is excellent!

2- Emma

Some people don’t like Emma quite as much as I did, and yet others found her annoying, but I appreciated the light-heartedness of the novel. She certainly made a few mistakes, but she learned from them and the character growth is excellent! (also features the friends to lovers trope!)

3- Sense and Sensebility

This is my mom’s favorite Jane Austen, so of course I had to include it. I liked the sisterly dynamic in it, and enjoyed the movie as well. It was just as enjoyable as the other two.

A few general updates after all of that Austen fun! Firstly, next week you can expect a review of the novel Hearts on Lonely Mountain. Secondly, I reached 200 followers some time last night! I was quite surprised, and I’m currently at about 201. Thank you so much, all of you who have been with my since I started this venture at only fourteen, and all of you who have simply just joined me!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!