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Hi everyone! Last week I mistakenly told you to expect a review of the novel Hearts On Lonely Mountain this week, but that’s actually next week! Instead, this week I’m going to share a few fun things including a giveaway, a new project of mine, and a new email list!

I’m sure you’re all waiting anxiously for the giveaway, so I’ll share that first. This week I’m giving away one paperback copy of Apple Pie and two e-book copies! The giveaway is going to be found here:

It closes next Wednesday in one week, 9/9/2020. International shipping is not available, those that are international will receive an e-book if then end up winning. I’ll email all the winners after 9/9!

I’m also going to start sharing a little more about my newest project: a revised second edition of Fairy Tale Chronicles, and an additional fourth novel in the series. I shared a little about this a few months ago, and some snippets back in June.

I’ve been working on re-vamping the covers for the third time since I began this project, and I’m pretty sure I’ve finally settled on a design. I plan to host a cover reveal blog tour soon. I released the first novel/first edition of Princess Chronicles around three years ago, and I took them down from Amazon last year, when I began working on the restart.

The first novel, The Runaway Princess, is open for beta readers today! You can sign up to beta read here, and also view the blurb + more information there!

I’m also going to be starting back up an email list beginning in October! If you’d like to get to know more about my general life, be the first to hear about everything from giveaways to new releases, and get an inspirational quote/verse each week, you can sign up here.

This email list will be once a month, around the 1st, excluding holidays/weekends. It will also include a new serialized novel completely free, one chapter every month.

Love Slowly is a historical fiction (loosely based on 1899-1901) slow-burn romance. It features Lady Emma Plume, a young Christian woman who finds herself in an arranged marriage with Lord Arthur Retalli, a skeptic.

A few general updates, next week will be a review, as mentioned above, and at some point I plan on sharing some of my thoughts from this summer I spent at camp. Remember, if you want your novel reviewed you can sign up here, I’m looking for some books to read!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!


  1. PennyTheBean says:

    Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway! Sadly, I think the email list link isn’t working correctly! Is there a new link I could follow to sign up instead?


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