Hearts On Lonely Mountain: Review

Today I’m bringing you a review and celebrating the release of Anita Heath’s newest novel!

Before we dive into the review, I have a little bit to share about Anita herself, and some cool 1930s songs she chose to share with us!


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The music Anita will be sharing with us today is all from the 1930s. There’s some pretty cool songs in here, I’d encourage you to give them a listen!

Take it away Anita!

I want to share 3 songs as a sample of the times. This is barely scratching the surface, but I hope it whets your appetite for more.

The theme song of the Great Depression would be “Brother Can You Spare a Dime.” Please take a moment to enjoy Bing Cosby’s version, recorded in the 1930s.

The people were hard pressed on all sides, and yet there remains a playful spirit. “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!” is one of those upbeat examples. This is recorded in 1939 by The Anderson Sisters.

And lastly, I want to share “Easy to Love” from the movie Born to Dance from 1936. While the Great Depression deteriorated the livelihood of an entire nation, Hollywood chose to focus on the brighter things in life. They purposely went for opulent sets. This movie is no exception. Listen to the flirty tune and watch the background. Everything is wide open spaces and finery. Plus it’s a really cute song!

And now back to me! There are some really interesting songs from the 1930s, aren’t there? Anyway, I’m going to share my review, and then at the bottom of this post I’m going to share who won the giveaway I opened up last week!

4 stars
Prose: 4/5
Romance: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Plot: 3/5

The prose was a little lacking, in my opinion. It was still very enjoyable, and I still really liked it, but sometimes I felt too distanced from the characters and more like I was just watching them act it out in front of me, rather than being real.


This part was really well-done! The author had me on the edge the whole time, waiting to see if they’d get together! I shipped them from the beginning, but I didn’t know what would happen with their relationship.


The characters were all very well done as well. This is definitely one of the author’s strong points! They all felt really realistic, and the relationships between characters was my favorite part of the novel. It wasn’t just the romance, but the friendships between the librarians were so sweet.


This element wasn’t quite as good, at least personally. There were definitely parts I found lacking, and sometimes I got bored with it. It moved pretty slowly as well, at least for me.


This was a pretty well-written novel! I’m glad I got the opportunity to read it! It wasn’t a top ten or anything, but it was really sweet and made me smile a lot. I definitely enjoyed it, and would recommend it!


A girl stays at a guy’s house overnight, but it is clear nothing happens. A girl gets an injury. Romantic thoughts. Two people kiss. A guy makes unwanted advances on a girl. Nothing too bad.

code word: came

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