Poetry: When Will I Learn + You Have A Plan

Today I’m going to share three pieces I’ve written over the past year!

When will I learn

When it seems like I’ve

Reached the end

No longer can I support myself

I try to hold my head up high

but fall again

Over and over again

When will I learn?

My mistakes multiply, and I return

To find rest in your arms

Saftey in the dark

Security in the night

Love at the worst

When will I learn?

And stop running

From your love

When will I learn?

Nothing I can do

Will save me from the dark

But you return

To call me home

again and again

I find rest in your arms

Time and time again

When I fall

I find rest in your arms

Lord, I’ll run to you

You Have A Plan

I’ve said goodbye far too many times to count

I wish I knew my route

I wish this was all a crazy story

I know you have a plan

But it’s hard to understand

When you track your memories by houses

I know this isn’t normal

My life seems all awry

You have a plan

Too many different cities to keep track of

Sometimes I think it’s all a dream

Why can’t I just wake up?

You have a plan

Goodbyes are much too hard

I hate when people say they want to leave

No one understands

You have a plan

There’s so much to my life

Little facts I always forget

Like how many times I’ve cried in my pillow

You have a plan

1,000 miles away from home

But now I’m back

Crazy story, really

You have a plan

Not that I understand any of this

Have I changed someone’s life?

What do I leave behind,

When I say goodbye

I know you have a plan

I’ll smile and keep moving

You have a plan

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