Cover Release!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be sharing a few things about The Runaway Princess, my next novel!

Here’s the blurb for the novel, and you can find out more about it here on Goodreads.

Celeste Nightingale has no friends or family except for her cat, but she’s happy that way. She stays isolated in her tower, and she considers it paradise. When an unlikely duo show up at her door looking to set her free- can she take the risk?

Queen Abigail Villn didn’t mean to murder her husband, but life happened and now she’s trying to make things right. All she wanted was to protect her daughter, but are her actions doing more harm than good?

Princess Ivory Villn ran away after her mother’s betrayal. But she can’t run forever, and when old friends bring news of new trouble she must make a decision. Face her mother or stay hidden?

Three women, their lives more entangled than they’ll ever know, must make their choices and face the results. 

The official website for the book series is located at, and it launched on Monday. Feel free to go check it out!

The most important part of this blog post is the long-awaited cover release. I’ve been working on the covers for this series since September 2019, for almost a year now. Technically speaking I’ve been working on them since 2017 if you include the previous editions. They’ve gone through a lot of change but I’m excited to finally reveal them!


I think this is one of my best works yet, and I’m super excited about it- and the following covers! I wish I could share all of them with you now, but you’ll have to wait. Please feel free to share this on all your social media!

I also want to share this book trailer I made! 

I’m super excited about all the progress I’ve made with my writing. I’m currently going through the second round of editing, and it’s set to release… (dun duh dun)… February 11th!

After I finish round 2 of editing I’ll share the first chapter on here!

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