More Memes- and my novel!

Today I am, somewhat ironically, sharing MORE memes!

All of these memes are about my novel, and there’s actually a whole pinterest board with them that you can find here:

Our first one is about the character Celeste, and remember that you can refer back to this post if you’re curious about who these people are!

😂😂😂 Poor Celeste

This next one is from one of the first chapters I believe, and if you want some snippets from the book you can go here. The snippets have changed a little, because I changed up the first chapter.

Cilla is my favorite character and you cannot change my mind

The last meme I have is one of my favorite! I’m not going to say which character this represents, I’ll let you read it to discover that!

I mean, ya. Queen Villn had some issues 😂

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