Bullet Journaling- My Tips

Today I’m going to be talking all about bullet journaling! I have previously talked about this, but only briefly. I’d also like to quickly apologize for being a day late, oops! Next week I’ll be back on Wednesday as usual.

The first thing I want to talk about is being a perfectionist! I am definitely a perfectionist about some things, but I’ve had to learn not to be when it comes to bullet journaling. There’s lots of things you can do to fix mistakes, but sometimes you just have to live with them.

Now, I’m blessed with enough artsy skills to at least kind of make things look pretty, but if you aren’t there’s lots of different styles you can implement to still make it look pretty! This is an example of a month page that’s pretty simple.

credits: Pinterest

Mine tend to be a little more complex than this, but still very simple! Now, I use my bujo as a planner more than anything, and the first page I always have behind my monthly page is the calendar. I take up two pages for this, right after the monthly page. Mine is very similar to this one, but I don’t have a column on the left, mine is all the way on the right.

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credits: pinterest

After my monthly page I have a half page with my workout plan and half a page with my quote/verse/goals etc. for the month. My quote/verse/goals page is pretty different from what anyone else has, it’s kind of a general collection page for everything I need that month. Instead of organizing my life by year, I tend to organize it by month.

For my weekly layout I tend to mix it up every month, I’m still finding the perfect layout for me. I think I found a pretty good one now, but I’ll need to use it for a while. This is a similar one, but my columns on the left have a general to-do list and a weekly SMART goals section.

In the summer when I have less on my to-do list and don’t have homework I use this layout:

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credits: pinterest

That’s pretty much about all that I have in the main section of my bullet journal. At the very back I have a few pages for pen testing, a few for passwords, a page for wants/needs list, and a page for finances. That’s it!

If you really want to start a bullet journal but aren’t willing to buy one right off the bat, I recommend using a regular old notebook (it can be lined) for a month or so, just to see if you like it! That’s what I did last year in December, and I loved it so much my mom bought me a bullet journal for Christmas!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!