My Favorite Pens

Technically I’m sharing my top favorite pens, pencils, and markers today, but that’s too long of a title! These are all the pens I use for my bullet journal, which I’ll be sharing pictures of at a later time. I am linking back to where I bought all of these pens, mostly from Walmart, but nothing is an affiliated link or sponsored!

Regular pens

For an every day pen, and most of my bullet journal as well, I use the Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel pen in the size 0.7 I buy them from Walmart, but I think they are on Amazon too. They come in color too, but I’ve never bought the colored ones.

I love how smoothly these pens write, and the best part is there’s no bleed! There is a little bit if you are planning to write on both sides of a regular notebook paper, but I still write on both sides anyway.

Mechanical Pencils

I absolutely love mechanical pencils! They last forever, are super durable, and my favorite part is that you can write thinly. I have very messy handwriting, and these help me keep it a little more readable. My favorite ones have cute patterns and are designed to look like regular old pencils, but they were a gift and I don’t know where she bought them.

I also use the Bic 0.7 mm and the Pen + Gear brands, but I would recommend the Paper Mate Clearpoint for students. They are super durable, easy to grip (good for younger kids), and last forever.


I’ve used a lot of different markers over the years, but my favorite are still the Crayola Super Tip markers! I love their durability, nice wash of color, and they are perfect for bullet journals because there’s no bleed. I’ve used the Cra-Z-art brand as well, and although they are a nice substitution if you can’t get Crayola, they don’t quite measure up. The ink doesn’t spread as well, there’s a tad bit more bleed.


My absolute favorite calligraphy pen is the Tombow Fudenosuke pen, which I got in a set of brush pens from Barnes and Noble, but you can also get from amazon. I love this pen for adding simple caligraphy on my bullet journal or letters to people. It has a lot harder tip, which is better for beginners and smaller lettering.

Editing pens

For editing on paper, I always use the Pen + Gear 0.7 pen in red or orange, if the red runs out. I also find that these are really nice for underlining in bibles, as they have very little bleed and don’t smudge easily. I do stick to lighter colors like purple and pink for my bible.

My mom got them in a pack of colors off of amazon, but I can’t find them anymore. It’s a fairly simple ballpoint gel pen, so I’m sure there’s a similar pen out there. If anyone figures out a similar pen or has suggestions for editing/bible pens, I’d love to know because I’m almost out of ink in this one!

Detail Pens

For my bullet journal I use a silver gel pen, just a standard one from a set, this is a similar one. I also use micron pens in the sizes 005, 02, and 01 for my smaller detailing. They blend well with my standard Paper Mate pen and my Tombow.

I hope you found this useful, and maybe even found a new favorite pen! Most of these can be found at Walmart or on Amazon, and in different colors too, if you prefer blue instead of black ink. If anyone has any pen recommendations, please comment and let me know what your favorites are. I always love discovering new pens!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!