My Most Used Writing Apps

Now, I always write my first draft by hand, and plot with pen and paper too. But I thought I’d share some of my favorite apps that I use later in the process!


I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, I think. I use evernote to store my blurbs, dedications, quotes, and general plans and notes that I have. I like it because it has the option to put notes in folders, which is nice when you have multiple series.

Google Keep

I use keep for three things: name lists, author bio, and checklists. I store the things I need more long-term here, and my day-to-day work lists.

Google docs

Technically this isn’t an app, but it’s worth mentioning. I use docs to share my documents with betas and editors, and I use it to edit myself. I store all my novels in google drive as well. It connects really well with google keep, so that’s a feature I like.

Fast Pencil

This is something new I’m trying out. I’m not sure if I’ll keep using it, but I’m working on formatting my novel The Runaway Princess, and this is what I’m trying currently. I’ll tell you guys more about it if I decide to stick with it. I’ve also used Reedsy’s book formatting but it’s too simple for me. I like a little more control over formatting, but it’s a really good free resource for first-time authors or those who don’t like formatting!

I hope you find one of these useful, and maybe find a new favorite writing app! I’m still looking for some better way to store plots/character arcs, so if anyone has any ideas for that please leave a comment and let me know what you use!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!