Blog Tour Day Two: Top 10 Facts About The Runaway Princess

Hello everyone! Welcome to day two of the blog tour! Today I’m sharing the top ten quick facts about The Runaway Princess.

Fact #1

The Runaway Princess word count comes in at a little more than 66K words, which is more than I’ve ever written in one novel!

Fact #2

The novel is the first in a series of five including the prequel, two of which are set to release in the next three years.

Fact #3

I’ve been working on this novel since 2016, about four 1/2 years.

Fact #4

The novel has gone through multiple lead character changes, name changes, and even been published before under a different name!

Fact #5

It centers around three main characters, Celeste Nightingale, Abigail Villn, and Ivory Villn. Abigail is Ivory’s mother and Celeste’s guardian.

Fact #6

I learned more about mental illness, abuse, trauma, and poor mother-daughter relationships than I ever will need again during the research stage!

Fact #7

The whole series was inspired off a single image (which I can no longer find) of a tower in a lake.

Fact #8

The series started off as a fairy-tale twist but morphed into something more. You can still find remnants of the influence in a few of the stories! Comment to guess which girl is which fairy-tale!

Fact #9

This is by far the darkest book I’ve ever written, mainly because of one specific character.

Fact #10

The wonderful artist Lee Welsby drew two of the POV characters exactly how I imagined them and shared them on her Instagram! She nailed Abigail Villn.

I hope you enjoyed those facts!

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