Day Three: Guest Post from Ivory

Hello everyone! Loretta here, but I’m going to give the stage over to one of my main characters, Ivory Villn. Ivory agreed to come by and write a little about her relationship with her mom, Abigail Villn.

Hello everyone! I’m Ivory, and it’s a pleasure to meet all of you. Loretta asked me to stop by and explain who I am.

Most people in my kingdom know who I am because I’m the princess, but Loretta says you don’t all know that. My friend Jacob is here too, and he says that you should address me as Princess Ivory, because that’s my official name.

But between the two of us, I prefer to forget that I’m a princess so let’s just go with Ivory, shall we?

Loretta gave me a list of questions to answer, and I’ll do my best to tell you the whole story.

The first one is where I live right now, which is in the Whiegua Kingdom. That’s a secret though, because I’m hiding. I live with some orphans and their caretaker, Nana. Jacob also thinks you should know her real name is Mrs. Swift.

I used to live in the castle in Kappaka. My mother still lives there, which leads to the next question, if I have any sibilings.

I do, actually! I have a brother, Prince Ethan. He’s one of the best brothers I could have ever asked for! He has a wife, and her name is Astrid.

The next question is asking what my parents are like.

Jacob says I don’t have to answer this one if I don’t want to.

My father was the most wonderful father and king the kingdom and we could ask for. He loved us all so much. He died a few years ago, I think it was four.

My mother loves us as well. She can be very overprotective. I think she really did love our father.

But my second family, the orphans and Nana, are wonderful! The orphans are so sweet. There are seven of them, and the oldest is nine. The youngest are twin babies.

Loretta said to keep it short and sweet, so I guess I don’t have any room left for any more questions, but if you want to know more about us, Loretta wrote a book! I haven’t read it yet, but Jacob says it’s very realistic. She even put me on the book cover!

Loretta here! Wasn’t it so nice to hear from Ivory? She’s so sweet. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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