Day Four: Meet The Characters

We’re back for day four! I definitely should have done this post before yesterday’s post, but oops! Too late now. Today we’re going to meet the main characters and learn a little bit more about their friends too!

The first person I’ll cover is Ivory, because you already met her yesterday. She’s from the Kappaka Kingdom but she ran away from her home and now she lives in the Whiegua Kingdom (view the map here). Her mother is Queen Abigail, and her closest friend is Jacob White, prince of the Whiegua Kingdom.

Prince Jacob has a whole family that you’ll meet, but only a few of them are in this book. His parents are King Travis and Queen Amanda, and his oldest brother is Prince Jay, the crown prince. He also has two sisters, an older one, Lily White, and a younger one Dove White.

Ivory also has a brother, Abigail’s son Ethan. Other members of her family include Ethan’s wife, Astrid, and Ethan’s daughter, Mercy. Their father, King Benjamin Villn died before the story takes place.

The other main character, who you’ve probably heard about before, is Celeste Nightingale. She doesn’t know anyone except Abigail at the beginning of the story, but later she meets Mason Wren, Captain of the Guard, and Cilla Starling, a maid.

If you want to know more about these characters you’ll have to get the book! I do have a few copies left for reviewers, if you want to message me or leave a comment to get a free ebook copy!

There’s also the giveaway, where you can win a paperback copy of the novel and an ebook of my other novel Apple Pie, or an ebook copy of The Runaway Princess!

As always, remember to like, comment, or share, whatever floats your boat! Until next time!

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