Memories of a Blogger

Before we begin, let me say hello. For the first time, this is the real me. Raw, honest, with nothing to hide.

My name is Ellie Loretta. You can still call me Loretta, I don’t mind. And this is me.

I’ve been blogging since 2016. I’ve collected 323 posts and millions of words. My very first blog post was called The Story Behind My Name. I was twelve when I started blogging (a baking website!), thirteen when I started Just Writing. And chose a pen name that would change my world: Loretta Marchize.

I like to think I’ve grown a lot since then. I’ve been homeschooled, public schooled, joined and left cross country, discovered a love for singing, written six or so novels, and all-in-all grown up.

I’ve been writing fiction since I was a kid, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. It’s as much a part of me as my skin is. I live and breathe being a writer. But sometimes, I wonder if I should stop. Put down blogging for a while- never writing. It’s become a part-time job. I’m on Instagram and Goodreads Pinterest and WordPress all the time now. Canva has become my best friend.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should let it go for a year or two. Say goodbye.

Because goodbyes are always hard, but sometimes they open up new friendships.

And maybe it’s time for me to say hello to something else.

Because I never meant for writing to turn into a job. It was always just a hobby. But somehow I find myself here being a blogger, graphic designer, editor, publisher, and author all rolled into one. That was never my intention, never my goal.

I don’t even know what my goal was, to be honest.

I suppose it was to share my writing with the world.

But there are other ways to do that. And I fear that my time here is drawing to a close; at the same time, I revel in the knowledge that perhaps for once in my life I can be a regular old high school student who focuses on her grades. Her future.

I only have one year left of high school, I might as well focus on it. Live in the moment. Follow God’s leading, see what my future holds.

So I guess I’m trying to say that this is my way of saying goodbye.

No more blog posts. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at non-fiction.

No more Instagram. I’ll connect with people in real life.

No more reviews. I’m going to read for fun again.

Maybe I’ll see you around somewhere. Maybe I won’t. Thank you for all the likes, comments, and follows. To everyone who’s ever entered in a giveaway or bought a book or left a review, I say-

thank you

and goodbye.

for now

-Ellie Loretta

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