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My life is rough right now, but that dosn’t mean I shouldn’t give you guys good posts. So I’m going to write about life being rough. (:

School is a big game changer because it can take me until 1:00 to finish. So that’s half my day. Then I have maybe 3 hours before I have to go run. Thursdays I’m gone all day, so I don’t have any time then. After running I eat supper, have an hour or so to myself, and then hop in the shower. At 9:00 I go to bed, play on my kindle/read for a bit, then go to sleep. That is my day. (Weekday.)

Now that you know my schedule, let’s take about the three hours I have to myself. In that time I get to:

  • Clean (bedroom)
  • Write
  • Blog
  • Play (w/ my siblings because they deserve attention too)

Cleaning is only once a month or so, because I usually keep my room pretty neat and put away things. Writing takes two hours right off the bat, so one hour left. In that time I get to blog, play, and update Wattpad. I usually update Wattpad first, then I write more. (Opps…) Now this is the tricky part: Do I blog or play? I don’t want to just leave my siblings (even though I’d be happy just writing all day) My interests may have changed at age 14, but at the ages of 11 and 8 they are still kids, as much as they deny it.

Do I play with them? Sometimes I do, then I’ll give you (my readers) a quick blog post before I take a shower. (Like I’m doing now.) It’s a real struggle. Usually I end up writing and then wish I had played with them because it’s also relaxing to play and be a kid again. Do you know the struggle? (I’m speaking to other teens here, but maybe also adults with young kids or nieces or nephews….)

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Expect a short story called Across the Ocean Thursday, it’s a WWI romance, and if you want to read it now you can go to



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Gone Camping!

Hey so I’m actually camping right now, I scheduled this post(:

So I won’t be able to post Sunday, but will be back Monday. My friends Grace Matlyn Buckner, Graciebeth, and Reba Cray are also camping on the same trip. We are on a youth camping trip for our church. (although Grace Matlyn Buckner goes to another church, she is with the youth for this trip (: It will be so much fun!)

I absolutely LOVE camping, it’s awesome! This time I have a race saturday, so I can’t go Friday afternoon and instead I leave after my race with Dad and go to the campground to meet up with them. Wish me luck on my race! I will see you all Monday!!

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So yesterday I did a ‘mom’ post, so today it’s a Dad post!! Yay!

Dad will
Always love you
Dad is your friend forever

Love that lasts
Oh love that stays
Very strong love
Everlasting love
Such love is a father’s love

You are loved
Oaths are not needed, this love crosses
Under and over boundaries

he loves you

it’s a fact

Photo by Daniela Rey on Unsplash
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Our subject today is: (drum roll…) MOTHERS! Moms are the best, at least, mine is! So this poem is to mothers everywhere.

Mom knows best
Oh she is always right
Mom knows what you need

Loving caring, watching
Over you every night
Vex her not,
Even if she loves you
She is human after all

You love her
Oh she loves you
Under and over: through bad and worse,

she loves you

it’s a fact

Note: I should have published this on Mother’s Day… (:
Photo by Andrae Ricketts on Unsplash

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5 Wattpad books worth the read

For those of you who use Wattpad: these are my favorite books, I highly recommend them to you!

Evelyn which is by Grace Matlyn Buckner and not finished yet, but recently started (Grace’s name links to her website, link to her Wattpad here:

Thankful is written by Stringslady who is also known as Writer for Christ on WordPress, and who made a blog post here.

Glass Dragons this one I have not finished yet and is by Holly Hamilton

I started-but-have-not-finished Siren Song by Miguel Olmedo Morell

The Captured Princess I have also not started but am REALLY looking forward to it!! It is by Collab Crew, 4 writer friends 

I have a few others I minght share sometime, but for now this is what I have!! Enjoy!



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The Lost Princess

I am writing a new story called The Lost Princess. I really like where it is going right now, and have always wanted to write a twist on the regular fairy tales story, so this is it! The link is below, the description is:

The Lost Princess is a twist on the regular fairy tales, including the princesses Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Melody (Ariel’s daughter), Cinderella, and Belle. Each of them is renamed and re-imagined into my own character, and each are more based on the old stories (not the Disney versions) except Melody who is my idea of Disney’s character.

I am planning on more parts or books featuring each of them as the main character, but right now Rapunzel is the main character, under the name Celeste.  (I have never watched Melody’s movie, by the way, so if I get her completely ‘wrong,’ It’s all artistic license (: )

Please read it and vote/comment!


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Lego (s)

The truck

So the image above is a LEGO truck, quite obviously. It is pulling a trailer with a generator in a tub on the front, which is the yellow bucket. The black grate in the back of the truck bed is a stove, because guess what? It’s a hot dog man’s truck! The truck used to be a camper, but is now a truck. It also has the portable hot dog stand for smaller spaces like sidewalks, as you can see. (It is the white thing next to the cab) Onto the next picture!

The picture below is of the actual hot dog stand. My brother, who built it, is a genius. And I mean it. He figured out how to rig it so that the clear door type thing actually goes up and down, plus he built the trailer base. My touches are the decorative things, the man holding a hotdog and raising the window. I also added the girl and the ketchup/mustard squirters. (that’s not a word, squirters, but who cares?) So, that is our little LEGO hot dog man’s tuck and trailer!

P.S. sorry for the bad picture below, I was using my phone’s camera, which is terrible, and there was bad lighting. The background is red because I was holding my brother’s kindle up to block the light.

The trailer
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Ice Cream

So tonight we went to diner with an older couple from our church. It was just my family (Dad, Mom, Hunter, and Catherine) and them, because their son (who is either in his last or second to last year of high school (??) all I really know is that he is tall and likes basketball)

We went to Culvers, which, if you don’t know, is a Wisconsin resturant that just started a new restaurant. ANYWAY, we got ice cream there and are getting ice cream for a band welcome party tomorrow, AND my brother and sister get ice cream for AWANA tomorrow too! So a lot of ice cream!

(This post is really short because it’s literally 3 min until bed time (: )

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On your mark, get set, GO!

Running a race
I’m way to nervous
First race of the season
Why are we waiting
Please just let me run
I’m like a caged animal
Pacing on the line
I don’t want to waste my energy
I can’t help but move
Just let me run!

There he is,
What is he saying?
He’s counting down-
Just let it be over,
Lord help me stay calm!


The gunshot!
We are off!
Stay near the middle
Keep the team together
At last-
We are out of the gates!
Across the field!

Easy now,
Don’t waste your energy
But remember-
Don’t hold back to much
Set an easy pace,
Say an nine minute mile

The first mile,
Eight minutes and twenty two second!
I’m going at a good pace,
Keep it up Loretta,
Keep on going!
Only two miles left!

I think I’m slowing down-
Can’t help it much
Is that coach?
Why it is!

“Two mile mark,
keep up the pace,
speed up if you can,
You are doing great!

Only one mile left
This is easy now,

Pass this girl,
Round the corner,
Up the hill

I should be sprinting now
Don’t let this girl pass-
She’s way to close!
I do wish they’d all stop shouting!

She can’t catch up now,
Steady Loretta,
Don’t slow down!

Why there is my Dad!
You are almost there!

Through the line!
Through the line!
The race is over-
It went by so fast!