Three Strikes

Amelia picked up her spear and tested its weight. She frowned. Too light. “Getting ready Miss?” a  young boy asked, coming in. “Yes,” Amelia said shortly. She began to strap her black armor on. She lifted her long black hair out of the way of the straps and gestured for the boy to tighten them. … More Three Strikes

Funny Story

I just had a mini heart attack! (Don’t freak out, not really) So I haven’t really been blogging lately, as you have probably noticed. Anyway, I haven’t been on the actual blog since I changed the color scheme, but I just went on now and I was freaking out! I forgot that I had changed … More Funny Story

DIY project

When you have a free afternoon, or a rainy one, and are looking for an easy project to do, here’s a great one! Emergency Kit Supplies will be listed as I go (in bold). First, take an empty mint tin or other small and sturdy kit. Clean it out if it used to hold liquids or … More DIY project

Change of title!

Just a quick note: Ambassador and Princess is now The Princess Ambassador! If you see the old title, please tell me and I’ll set about changing it. Also, the release date was moved up to June 10th, a month after The Lost Princess is released. (May 10th) But if you’re in a hurry to read … More Change of title!

Kaylin and Jade

Read Kaylin and Jade HERE Jade is a short, ten-year-old girl with long brown hair and equally brown eyes. She is an orphan, adopted by ‘Mother’ or Ms. Trum, an old lady with an old lifestyle. She’s never seen a cell phone, doesn’t know how to read properly, and has no idea how the world … More Kaylin and Jade