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So yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I had Piano lessons from 2:30 ish all the way to 4:30 ish. Before that I had school, after running and supper. Anyway, here’s a poem titled ‘Piano!’


Pearly keys
Wooden hammers

Bang out notes
Loud and clear

Soft sounds
Floating high

The notes rise through the skies
Over the hills

That separate
You and me

So listen to this song
As the notes float up
Over the hills

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this screen that Stares,
it dares me to type a word “the world will Call,
they will see it, dearest Reader!”
they will Enter
your private mind they will Enter
your mine of words None
can be safe

The world- the great wide place
The world- will they sting?
The world- who will read it?

But oh!
Triumph can me mine!
I will fight the stare-
I will stare right back!

Is mine!

I will type a word,
Hit that button
‘Publish’ it reads
‘Publish’ taunts the screen

Triumph will be mine!
I will rule the screen,
I will tap the button

Because the triumph,
it is Mine

This poem (in case you can’t tell…) was made to work on splitting sentences up and shaping them. In the first verse (only that one) the first letters in the last words, when they are all strung together they spell ‘screen.’ (They are in caps for easy finding)

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Immerse myself in this lonely sea
My only hope, to find a shore
Praying for relief
Ever watching
Reveal is not what I need
Fear would only follow
Eyes that watch would call me out
Call me out as imperfect
Tomorrow is no better

I am alone
Myself, I, and me
Please do not let
Ever watching eyes
Reveal what I do not want to be seen
Forever watching, waiting
Ever waiting, until the day
Clear sky, bright sun
Today I crack my shell

Okay, I don’t know if this one makes a ton of sense, but it’s about moving and being shy… I would read it over again now that you know what I’m talking about. This is inspired by a lady at my church who on Co-op day I heard say to Mom (as I walked past them upstairs) “Loretta is really cracking open” or maybe it was “Loretta’s shell is really cracking open!” (I have no clue(:)Oh, and, genius me, both verses the capital letters strung together spell IMPERFECT.

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Upgraded my site!

Okay, so I’m really exited because I got enough money to upgrade my site for the year. ($36- okay technically 35.88) Now my site address is! No more (;

(Note: Even if you type in, it will still direct you straight to my site. Also, I should still come up in your reader.)

Oh, and I’m at 49 followers (yippe! Thank you all!!!) so I’m 1 away from my 2017 goal- 50. That’s a HUGE thanks to all of you! Thank you for following!!

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Undersized Books needs Authors!

Undersized Books is looking for authors! Readers want stories. Writers want an audience. It works both ways! We takes short stories from nearly ALL genres- and if yours isn’t on the list? Tell the Administrator (me!) or one of the Editors and they will add it! Please visit and contribute!

So… what are you waiting for? If for nothing else- give it a try for my sake. It’ll only take a few minutes to preview the site.
*Note: You have to have a WordPress account to contribute

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A Journey

They say that two steps forward
And one step back
Go together

I took two steps forward-
Went on an lifetime adventure
When I came into this world

I took one step back,
When I was little
And I couldn’t talk

I took two steps forward,
When I learned to read
That stayed with me

Yet I took one step back
When I fell behind in math
That will say with me too

I took two steps forward-
A daring adventure
When I moved

A thousand miles
Across the country
To the South

You ask me,
What was your one step back?
What step did you take?

I took
One step back
When I moved

It’s all one and the same
When I moved
I went one step back

And two steps forward
So in the end,
Just do the math,

And you will find
I will be
Two steps ahead.

(All these poems are because I have been doing the Intro to Poetry WordPress course, I just got the chance to publish them today because I have been away from home for church things)

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Face to face,
Greeting you every day
Heart to heart, it’s what I call a start
I am yours- and you? Are mine
Jokes for me, to make me laugh
Knowledge of the bad days, and you make
Laughter fill the room, because
My life is joy, when I’m with you
Now I see you sad,
Over there, so far away
Perhaps I can make you laugh? Just as you once did

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Moving Day

This is something I had to do for school. I had to write about a girl living in all these different style homes. These are the first 9 that I did.

House 1     Immigrant Style,   Dutch
Dear Journal,
Today we had spring cleaning. Because our home is made of stone and brick it was easy to clean the outside, we simply did a quick wash. Our neighbors from Sweden had a harder time because they have square logs or their house. They scrubbed nearly half the day, but we just splashed water over our walls and called it good The inside was harder, Since our house is three stories high, we had to scrub for a LONG time. To reach the top stories on the outside, we hung out windows and dumped water down. (After checking to see if anyone was below, of course.) Father climbed out of the dormer window to clean the roof off. He brought a broom up. Mother left the top half of the door open all day so that the front rooms could air out because Tom brought in too much pine branches and now the whole house smells like pine, which is good, but not if it smells like pine for WEEKS AND WEEKS and it’s really strong. Luckily he didn’t bring it upstairs…..
~ May Georgia

House 2   Georgian Style, 1779
Dear Journal,
Katy came over for a sleepover yesterday night, which is why I didn’t write. We had to wash the windows while she was here. They are made of SO many little panes that it took way longer. It probably didn’t help that my silly brother, Tom, kept goofing off. Mother also washed the pilasters, but she didn’t make us help. We got to sleep upstairs in the attic. We slept in the middle because Father didn’t finish the flooring yet on the sides, plus we would bump our heads because the walls slope up. Katy said she loves the red brick with the white trim, this is the first time she has been to our house. I had a lot of fun and Mother is going to let us talk instead of set the table, so I have to go.
~ May Georgia

House 3 Adam Style, 1810
Dear Journal,
Today we moved into our new house! It’s in town, has four stories and is super tall. The windows are all in a row and have a lot of panes. The inside is super pretty with plaster and wood carvings on both the walls and ceilings. The fireplace mantel is really pretty. I have a room of my own in this house and don’t have to share with Caroline anymore. Which is good because she’s not a baby anymore, and is starting to get more things like toys. Tom (of course) has his own room too, because he’s the only boy. Mama and Papa have a room on the third floor, Caroline’s is next to theirs, with the laundry and bathroom.. Tom and I both have rooms upstairs, plus an office for Papa is up their. The second floor is play space and space for Mama to work in all day. Downstairs is a formal parlor, entryway, and kitchen.
~May Georgia

House 4 Early Classical Revival, 1820
Dear Journal,
Papa declared today and tomorrow as ‘house work days’ because he is home. Mama says our house is a ‘classical revival style home’ and that it’s ‘the newest house we could find.’ We’ve been living here for nearly a year and now Papa knows what changes he wants to make. The building in rectangular, and has windows that are all inline with each other, so it should be easy to clean the outside. Not like our last home from 10 years ago, the Adam style. There is a porch on the front that has fancy columns on the front. It is tall, and very airy. Mama says it’s called a ‘PORTICO’ porch. This home is simple and clean, a taste that I personally love. Tom likes the fancy houses with lots of decoration, but I don’t so I like this house. We can’t decide though, so I guess Tom and I are stuck with whatever we get. Since Papa moves around so much, we actually get a pretty good variety of homes.
~ May Georgia

House 5 Greek Revival, 1850
Dear Journal,
Today I had a project. It was to draw our house for school. It was really cool because I had to draw it and make a list of all the details then our art teacher put all of our lists on the wall at the last art lesson. Then we were instructed to draw a house composed of any of the details we saw on the wall. Mine turned out nice, but I like the drawing of our house better than the one that I made up. My detail list went like this:

  • Two stories
  • Symmetrical windows
  • Slanted roof on two sides
  • Big entrance with fancy brick designs
  • Columns
  • Big porch, two, one on top one on bottom
  • Little windows next to door

Mama looked at my list and said our house is a ‘Greek Revival Style home. It has been around for nearly 30 years now’ Having a mom who was a daughter of an architect can be interesting. She keeps up with the latest styles and is always telling me what our house is. Today she said we have a ‘Gable roof’
~ May Georgia

House 6 Gothic Revival Style 1875
Dear Journal,
Mama says our house is a ‘Gothic Revival Style.’ home and that we are lucky to get one. I asked her what a ‘Gothic Revival’ is and what it has to do with houses. She said it doesn’t have any big thing to do with houses. Our new house looks like the gingerbread houses that Mary used to make back in New York. It had pointed arches and circle windows. It has a lot of carved stone and curly lacy type wood trim. I find it a nice house, but not as nice as our house back in New York. Mama says it was an Adam style and quite outdated for 1870’s, but I loved it. Tom likes this house, but he also doesn’t have to share a room with his little sister who wakes up at 3:00AM consistently, and always screaming.
~ May Georgia
House 7 Italianate Style, 1878
Dear Journal,
Lucky day! Well, good and bad news, Journal. Good news: I don’t have to live in this ‘Gothic’ house anymore. Bad news: I’m moving AGAIN. This time it’s South Carolina. First it was New York for nearly 13 years, we moved a bit inside New York, but always stayed close. Then it was that Gothic home. NOW it’s a home Mama told me is ‘Italianate Style.” This one neither Tom nor I love, but it’s cute. It is very square and is two stories tall. It has a really wide roof and long narrow windows. I have to share a room with Caroline again, but it’s not SO bad.
~ May Georgia

House 8 Mansard Style, 1880
Dear Journal,
Another move. Poo. This time I won’t have to share a room with Caroline though. This house has a strange roof that Mama calls a ‘Mansard roof’ it has a very steep slope on all sides, and a very flat slope on the top. It makes a sort of room, and there are dormers as well. I love this home, especially since I get the attic area with the dormers all to myself. Caroline, Tom, Mama, and Papa all have rooms on the second floor. There are these cool windows in the house too, they open up and down in the middle. It’s awesome. Tom doesn’t like it as much as I do, but he likes it more than some houses, like the Adam house, that we have lived in. Mama says it’s her goal to have us live in nearly every home type she can get her hands on!
~ May Georgia

House 9 Queen Anne Style 1886
Dear Journal,
Today our art class had to draw a Queen Anne style home. Luckily, my home is a Queen Anne. A few of the other girls in my class came over and we all drew the house yesterday. It was cool out and after we did basic sketches we moved onto the porch, where we finished our sketches. Then we all had to find good colors and fill them in~ which is hard because my home is crazy colored.. My house also has a weird irregular roof that both Mama and Mrs. Peach, my art teacher, say are part of having a Queen Anne. Plus has crazy colors, circular towers, stripes, and all sorts of madness. Tom loves it (of course) but I? Not so much. It works, that’s for sure. The only thing I like is that I get the tower all to myself for my bedroom and art area.
~May Georgia