Graphic Designs

***Update: 7/17/18 I have a PayPal account and should be able to sell designs by the end of the week, so feel free to request designs, although I won’t be able to give them to you until the end of the week when I meet up with my mom***

I know how hard it is to find a good cover at an affordable price- especially for a young or unpublished author.

I usually design my own covers, so it’s never bothered me too much, until recently when I began to poke around on the internet. I then discovered just how hard it was, and so decided to make my designs available for purchase.


  • e-book cover price is $15
  • front and back paperback cover price is $20- with a spine is $25
  • I will make up to three changes in the cover free of charge, any more are $1 per change
  • Please note that all book covers are made with stock photos, and licensed photos (if wished) will be added to the cost
  • payments can be made via PayPal

You can also buy a pre-made cover here