The Joys of Siblings

May 26th 2018, our book, The Joys of Siblings will be released and ready to read. The back of the book reads: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! ~Psalm 133:1 Four writers, four families. Follow the narratives of Grace Matlyn Buckner, Loretta Marchize, Reba Cray, and…

Another book cover

This is another book cover for a different book called Season’s Chosen (obviously) and I’m working on the book now.

Cover Page 2

This is a second cover page, and it’s for a different book. This one I made on my computer.

Cover Page

My book Return of the Ninja was finished early March, and I have the cover for it! My friend is an artist and she agreed to illustrate and do the cover. (She has a screen name, her parents did NOT name her Crimson Reaper!!) It’s also being uploaded into World of Maso.