Alpha readers needed!

I need alpha readers for my book Ambassador and Princess! Sign up HERE for Ambassador and Princess (If you have not read The Lost Princess you should… which brings me to my next announcement) If you want to be an alpha reader for The Lost Princess, it’s still open! I will be closing the form … More Alpha readers needed!


So this fall I will be going to public school as a freshman. (yes, I will not be homeschooled anymore…) Because of that, I will be too busy to post much. In fact, I will put a pause on my writing during that time so I can focus on getting good grades and figuring out … More Changes

A Mother’s Love

“I love you” She whispered in her baby boy’s ears. “I love you” She whispered as she watched her son sleep through the night. “I love you” She whispered when her son learned to walk. “I love you” She whispered while her son boarded the bus for the very first time. “I love you” She … More A Mother’s Love

Across the Ocean

Part One 1917 April – June War approaching Kingsley household April 10th 7:00 AM Will was sitting at the dining table with Lucy when the message came. Mr. Kingsley directed the messenger to Lucy, because she was expecting a message. After a few lines Lucy’s eyes widened and she began to tell the whole Kingsley … More Across the Ocean


It flows around me, The sound so sweet Gently rising, Gently falling That song inspires me, Makes me feel like I could… FLY… JUMP… run It spirals and twirls, Twists and turns, Making a joyful noise But the best of them, They sound sweet, yes, They are meledious, yes They also Praise the Lord Make … More Music