The Future

The future- Will it be brighter? Will the sun shine the same way- One hundred and one years later? The future- It could be dark and gloomy Yet it seems as if it could be, Perhaps bright and cheery? The future- It will rise faster than we think It will fall sooner than future generations…


Mountains different every day, Covered by clouds How do you do it? How do you change every day? Different view, Different scene Different every time I look, Mountains different every day

Sunny Summer Sunshine

Rainbows and sunshine Glee and joy Carefree days Ice cream and sunshine Melted bits Dribble down your chin Water and sunshine Sparkle and glint Reflections dance Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash


Bite a mango Chew a mango Swallow a mango The flavor spreads Over your tongue Savor the sweetness Enjoy the color And bite the mango yet again Photo by David Di Veroli on Unsplash


this screen that Stares, it dares me to type a word “the world will Call, they will see it, dearest Reader!” they will Enter your private mind they will Enter your mine of words None can be safe The world- the great wide place The world- will they sting? The world- who will read it?…


Immerse myself in this lonely sea My only hope, to find a shore Praying for relief Ever watching Reveal is not what I need Fear would only follow Eyes that watch would call me out Call me out as imperfect Tomorrow is no better I am alone Myself, I, and me Please do not let…

A Journey

They say that two steps forward And one step back Go together I took two steps forward- Went on an lifetime adventure When I came into this world I took one step back, When I was little And I couldn’t talk I took two steps forward, When I learned to read That stayed with me…


Face to face, Greeting you every day Heart to heart, it’s what I call a start I am yours- and you? Are mine Jokes for me, to make me laugh Knowledge of the bad days, and you make Laughter fill the room, because My life is joy, when I’m with you Now I see you…


Face me now, Turn around Let me see your face, Let me read your emotion I beg you now, Turn around! Let me see, A face In this Lonely place Eyes that dance, Lips that smile Swishing noise, from your hair The sound of your voice, let me hear Please, Let me catch a glimpse!…


Water flows, And it slips over the green rocks That dot a flowing river It spills over the side, It dances over the hill It trips downwards, Gurgles happily, And dances Merrily