Blog tour + Cool Things

  Currently, there’s a blog tour running for my latest book, which releases August 9th, and you can find out more here A Princess At Heart- blog tour and at Literatura So today I’m actually gone, volunteering at Fort Wilderness, so I’m going to do a quick pre-scheduled post by sharing some of my Pinterest boards! Note:…

Baking out of a box mix for dummies

So I have a really busy day today, school, lunch, make brownies (I’m blogging while they’re in the oven), get ready for track, go to track, get back at 5:30 and eat supper, shower/change, go to youth group (hence the brownies) SO I decided why not make a blog post featuring one of the many…

Forth of July!

Happy Forth! I’m just hanging out here, with my family. But anyway, for those of you who are online- not busy- I’ve gathered a bunch of photos for you guys to enjoy! Note: Photos are not mine- credit is below them!    

Some Pictures I doodled

I love doodling little pictures on my computer! (By the way, I’m posting because all the kids are busy doing little-kid stuff that I don’t feel like doing!) 🙂

Glass Dolls

I have five glass dolls. (Technically six, but one is shared with my sister.) I love my dolls. I collect them no matter how torn, scarred, broken and lifeless. First of all was Annie. She used to be Mom’s, and she came from Germany. Annie has bare feet and an old-fashioned dress. She has messed…

Cover Page

My book Return of the Ninja was finished early March, and I have the cover for it! My friend is an artist and she agreed to illustrate and do the cover. (She has a screen name, her parents did NOT name her Crimson Reaper!!) It’s also being uploaded into World of Maso.