Blackout Poetry

For English this week we had to make blackout Poetry will be one of the first three pages from Of Mice and Men. It was a really fun project, I’ve always liked blackout Poetry and thought about trying it. Here’s mine:

Once Upon a Summer

Once upon a summer I flew Made great leaps and bounds Once upon a summer I led Ran ahead Once upon a summer I dreamed I’d face the lions and not mind a bit Once upon a summer I could run and run Not lose a breath Then run some more Once upon a summer … More Once Upon a Summer

Car Trip

Only five minutes until we leave A mad rush for shoes A coat slips to the floor, forgotten Bags thrown in the trunk Sliding into seats Four seat belts snap into place The engine roars to life The radio flickers on Music fills our ears A pause to get the mail A jump into and … More Car Trip

Easter Messes

(A day late, because I didn’t go online on Easter) Days of children waiting Easter rabbits litter the store One child trying not to cry over a nearly-empty basket, Helpless parents forced to watch poverty take its toll Crumpled dresses in the corner In a pink, pink room One little girl barely clothed, Helpless parents … More Easter Messes


Our subject today is: (drum roll…) MOTHERS! Moms are the best, at least, mine is! So this poem is to mothers everywhere. Mom knows best Oh she is always right Mom knows what you need Loving caring, watching Over you every night Vex her not, Even if she loves you She is human after all … More Mom

A Salute to Lucille Ball

laugh-out-Loud famous Until the end red hair, iConic mark do you love Lucy, because I love Lucy dear daughter, Lucie Arnaz her Life was well-lived dEar son, Desi Arnaz Ball, Lucille Arnaz, Desi Life well lived Life ended to soon


P oems that float O ver my page E ver flying higher and higher T ill they reach the top R eading is over Y et I still see the poem It is burned in my brain Do you, My dear reader, Enjoy reading Countless poems? Or do you, My dear reader, Prefer different posts? … More Poetry

Late… again

Okay, yes. I didn’t post yesterday, or Tuesday… Did I even post Monday??? Sorry to disappoint! But…. here is a poem about being late, and I will. I PROMISE, post tomorrow. The day after that I have a race then I have a family trip, so probably not Saturday. Hopefully the next week I will … More Late… again