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So yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I had Piano lessons from 2:30 ish all the way to 4:30 ish. Before that I had school, after running and supper. Anyway, here’s a poem titled ‘Piano!’


Pearly keys
Wooden hammers

Bang out notes
Loud and clear

Soft sounds
Floating high

The notes rise through the skies
Over the hills

That separate
You and me

So listen to this song
As the notes float up
Over the hills

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Words fall out of my mouth so fast,
Words that sting, words that sooth
Are my words good?
Do they heal-
Or do they hurt?

Words are bad,
Words are good.

They can not be put in a box,
Other than one labeled-
What else?

Whether they sting,
Whether they sooth,

They fall out of your mouth,
Sometimes I do not think you realize,
That they sting,
Instead of sooth

Sometimes they heal,
And then I am glad
Not only because they heal,
But because someone listens still

All is not lost,
Words will always heal

They may seem to be doing more hurt,
But someone will realize,
That they should change,
And heal

Instead of hurt


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I am a diverse person

I am a writer
That is for sure
I am a writer

But not only a writer

I play Minecraft
I play LEGOs
I run

I also take photos,
Sew, and sing

I am a writer,
Most of all

But please do not categorize me

For no one can truly be categorized
No one fits into one category

Everyone is unique
I am a writer
That is true

But please do not categorize me
Because I am so much more

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Random Little Things

Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
These are the things that are me
Laptop, sketchbook

These are the things that are me
Do they really define me?
Do they really say who I am?

Or is it the clean room,
The messy writing
The open bible
That really defines me?

There are random little things,
Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
Laptop and Sketchbook
These are the things,
That fill my house

These are the things
That sit on my desk

Is it they that define me?
Or is it the tangled cords,
The messy handwriting,
The fully charged kindle,
In a flowery case
The mechanical Pencil,
That ran out of lead,
A long time ago

Is it the google documents,
And WordPress,tabs
The Sketchbook filled to the brim,
With character sketches,
Are these the things that truly define me?

They say a picture equals a thousand words
They say a writer uses a notebook
But so does a scholar,
A preacher,
A teacher

They say a picture equals a thousand words,
But it is not the picture,
It is the content.

The messy writing, the tangled cords
The open WordPress tabs,
The flowery case,
The open bible

Those are the things
That make a picture,
Those are the things
That tell you who I am

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This post is by Grace Matlyn Buckner

Blue, green, brown,
Colors, shades, variety,
No two the same.

Big and small,
Round or straight,
Different shapes and sizes.

“Windows to the soul,”
Feelings flit across,
Joy, sorrow, bitterness, pain.

Tears are drops of emotion,
Blinks are signs of uncertainty,
Signals for others.

Eyes are vital,
Needed to show the world,
The true you!


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You May Have Noticed (plus a poem)

That I have been changing the way this site looks. I think I’m done now, but I may change it in the future, so let’s just hope I manage to leave it this way for a long while!
And now for a poem

The Other Me

There is another me
She lives in a mirror
Who are you,
Other me?
What is your thoughts,
Other me?

You mirror what I do,
You look like me
But you are not me

I know this because,
You talk to me,
In my head

Everyone else,
Just sees me
But I know better,
I see you

Other me,
Why do you stare at me so?
Why do you live in the mirror?
Please tell me,
Other me,
Tell me please

You live in the mirror,
You look like me,
But you are not me

I know this because,
You talk to me,
Other me,
You live in a mirror

I was going to publish this yesterday, but my computer crashed (ugg) and freaked out when I tried to upload a picture 😦 So expect another post today.
So, please contact me and tell me what I should post about! (I really need this!)

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Why Do I Write

Why do you,
A photographer,
Take pictures?

Why do you,
A runner,

Why do you,
A gardener,

Why do you,
A singer,

Why do you,
A talker,

Why do you,
A thinker,

Why do you do,
What you do?

Why do I write,
What I write?

A Photographer,
Takes photos,
Because they enjoy it

A Runner,
Because the sport is their’s

A Gardener,
Because that’s what they chose

A Singer,
Because they are compelled to express thoughts

A Talker,
Because their voice screams to be let out

A Thinker,
Because that is what they do

I Write,
What I write,
Because I enjoy it

Because the sport is mine
Because that’s what I chose

Because I am compelled to express my thoughts
Because my voice screams to be let out

It is
What I

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Birthday Poem(s)

This first poem is for my friend Faith’s birthday

You are my friend,
My sunshine,
My pal

You are now 13,
We are growing up

We will always
Be friends

Happy Birthday,
To you

Happy Birthday,
Dearest, Faith

This is for my Dad, whose birthday is also today.

Sure your getting old,
Yet you still run,
With me
You help me,
With everything

Your getting old,

But still,
You’ll always be,

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Story Untold

This is a meant to be a song and sounds better if you sing it. (even in your head)

There are tears in my eyes,
A blank page at my feet,
A story untold

There is a life to be planned,
There is a plot to be told,
And a twist to surprise

Where are the words,
I ask,
Where is the story inside?

The cursor blinks,
The pen lays idle

There is a song inside,
A story, a poem

It’s somewhere inside,
Just write t out, write is out,
Write it out!
There is no time for regrets,
Just write, write, Write!