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Our subject today is: (drum roll…) MOTHERS! Moms are the best, at least, mine is! So this poem is to mothers everywhere.

Mom knows best
Oh she is always right
Mom knows what you need

Loving caring, watching
Over you every night
Vex her not,
Even if she loves you
She is human after all

You love her
Oh she loves you
Under and over: through bad and worse,

she loves you

it’s a fact

Note: I should have published this on Mother’s Day… (:
Photo by Andrae Ricketts on Unsplash

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On your mark, get set, GO!

Running a race
I’m way to nervous
First race of the season
Why are we waiting
Please just let me run
I’m like a caged animal
Pacing on the line
I don’t want to waste my energy
I can’t help but move
Just let me run!

There he is,
What is he saying?
He’s counting down-
Just let it be over,
Lord help me stay calm!


The gunshot!
We are off!
Stay near the middle
Keep the team together
At last-
We are out of the gates!
Across the field!

Easy now,
Don’t waste your energy
But remember-
Don’t hold back to much
Set an easy pace,
Say an nine minute mile

The first mile,
Eight minutes and twenty two second!
I’m going at a good pace,
Keep it up Loretta,
Keep on going!
Only two miles left!

I think I’m slowing down-
Can’t help it much
Is that coach?
Why it is!

“Two mile mark,
keep up the pace,
speed up if you can,
You are doing great!

Only one mile left
This is easy now,

Pass this girl,
Round the corner,
Up the hill

I should be sprinting now
Don’t let this girl pass-
She’s way to close!
I do wish they’d all stop shouting!

She can’t catch up now,
Steady Loretta,
Don’t slow down!

Why there is my Dad!
You are almost there!

Through the line!
Through the line!
The race is over-
It went by so fast!

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P oems that float
O ver my page
E ver flying higher and higher
T ill they reach the top
R eading is over
Y et I still see the poem

It is burned in my brain

Do you,
My dear reader,
Enjoy reading
Countless poems?

Or do you,
My dear reader,
Prefer different posts?
What do you prefer?

About me,
Short stories,

Please do tell
I’m desperate to know

(If you happen not to like poems,
I’m sorry if I have offended you
With this creative way
To ask
If you like them)

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Late… again

Okay, yes. I didn’t post yesterday, or Tuesday… Did I even post Monday??? Sorry to disappoint! But…. here is a poem about being late, and I will. I PROMISE, post tomorrow. The day after that I have a race then I have a family trip, so probably not Saturday. Hopefully the next week I will remember to post more! (:

Late again
At my wits end
Time is winning, will it

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So yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I had Piano lessons from 2:30 ish all the way to 4:30 ish. Before that I had school, after running and supper. Anyway, here’s a poem titled ‘Piano!’


Pearly keys
Wooden hammers

Bang out notes
Loud and clear

Soft sounds
Floating high

The notes rise through the skies
Over the hills

That separate
You and me

So listen to this song
As the notes float up
Over the hills

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Words fall out of my mouth so fast,
Words that sting, words that sooth
Are my words good?
Do they heal-
Or do they hurt?

Words are bad,
Words are good.

They can not be put in a box,
Other than one labeled-
What else?

Whether they sting,
Whether they sooth,

They fall out of your mouth,
Sometimes I do not think you realize,
That they sting,
Instead of sooth

Sometimes they heal,
And then I am glad
Not only because they heal,
But because someone listens still

All is not lost,
Words will always heal

They may seem to be doing more hurt,
But someone will realize,
That they should change,
And heal

Instead of hurt


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I am a diverse person

I am a writer
That is for sure
I am a writer

But not only a writer

I play Minecraft
I play LEGOs
I run

I also take photos,
Sew, and sing

I am a writer,
Most of all

But please do not categorize me

For no one can truly be categorized
No one fits into one category

Everyone is unique
I am a writer
That is true

But please do not categorize me
Because I am so much more