Sunny Summer Sunshine

Rainbows and sunshine Glee and joy Carefree days Ice cream and sunshine Melted bits Dribble down your chin Water and sunshine Sparkle and glint Reflections dance Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash


So yesterday I didn’t get to post anything because I had Piano lessons from 2:30 ish all the way to 4:30 ish. Before that I had school, after running and supper. Anyway, here’s a poem titled ‘Piano!’ PIANO Pearly keys Wooden hammers Bang out notes Loud and clear Soft sounds Floating high The notes rise … More Piano


Words fall out of my mouth so fast, Words that sting, words that sooth Are my words good? Do they heal- Or do they hurt? Words are bad, Words are good. They can not be put in a box, Other than one labeled- What else? Words Whether they sting, Whether they sooth, They fall out … More Words

Random Little Things

mm Headphones, Notebook Kindle, and Pencil These are the things that are me Laptop, sketchbook These are the things that are me Do they really define me? Do they really say who I am? Or is it the clean room, The messy writing The open bible That really defines me? There are random little things, … More Random Little Things


This post is by Grace Matlyn Buckner Blue, green, brown, Colors, shades, variety, No two the same. Big and small, Round or straight, Different shapes and sizes. “Windows to the soul,” Feelings flit across, Joy, sorrow, bitterness, pain. Tears are drops of emotion, Blinks are signs of uncertainty, Signals for others. Eyes are vital, Needed to … More Eyes

Book Poetry

A hundred books Up on that shelf One is red, One is blue A hundred books Up on that shelf Well-worn, And torn Each holds a life, A world Filled with magic, And dreams Adventures, And conquests, Monsters, Villains And heroes Each book on the shelf, Well-worn, And torn, Each book Holds a life

Why Do I Write

Why do you, A photographer, Take pictures? Why do you, A runner, Run? Why do you, A gardener, Garden? Why do you, A singer, Sing? Why do you, A talker, Talk? Why do you, A thinker, Think? Why do you do, What you do? Why do I write, What I write? A Photographer, Takes photos, … More Why Do I Write

Birthday Poem(s)

This first poem is for my friend Faith’s birthday You are my friend, My sunshine, My pal You are now 13, We are growing up However, We will always Be friends Happy Birthday, To you Happy Birthday, Dearest, Faith This is for my Dad, whose birthday is also today. Sure your getting old, Dad Yet … More Birthday Poem(s)