So this year I’m participating in NANO! I’ve never done it before, or technically speaking written 50,000 words on one project, so I guess its sort of a ‘here goes nothing’ project. Anyways, I’m writing a new story that I don’t think I’ve talked about before. At least, not on here. It’s called A Baby Girl … More NANOWRIMO Project

The Challenge

This is a story I wrote for school a couple weeks ago. Part One Prince Archie Blackwood paced up and down in front of his father’s throne. “You’re making me dizzy,” King Samuel Blackwood said. “Please, state your problem and I can fix it.” “Not in front of them,” Archie gestured at the court. “It’s … More The Challenge

Chapters 6-7

Chapters 6-7 of The Lost Princess are now on Wattpad! (not fairy tale chronicles yet) they can be found here Enjoy!

Moving Day

This is something I had to do for school. I had to write about a girl living in all these different style homes. These are the first 9 that I did. House 1     Immigrant Style,   Dutch Dear Journal, Today we had spring cleaning. Because our home is made of stone and brick it was easy … More Moving Day

Boo and Little Man

  This is a great site that tells the story of Norman. The author updates Norman’s story often and while it is a children’s story it’s a great read, and older readers can always read it to their children if they do not like to read that type of thing! The website: Boo and Little … More Boo and Little Man

Small Town Inn

The room smells like apples and freshly baked bread. The seat looks soft, the table big. Voices chatter and laugh, snatches of conversation can be heard from the street. “Don’t forget to turn the…. food is just lovely …. meal is wonderful.” The fire glows and flickers, guests enter the inviting door and shake the … More Small Town Inn