Thoughts From Camp pt. 1

So today I’m going to be sharing some take-aways I had from spending the summer at camp. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to change me as much as it did, or for me to go through quite as much growth as I did! I’m also going to be sharing a few quotes/verses that were impactful….

Sunny Summer Sunshine

Rainbows and sunshine Glee and joy Carefree days Ice cream and sunshine Melted bits Dribble down your chin Water and sunshine Sparkle and glint Reflections dance Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

Water park

So yesterday I went to an outdoor water park with some people from church for a YUCs thing, witch is the age group just below youth group. My brother is in that group, and it was a family attend type thing, so I was there too. Wetlands waterpark is what the place was called. It…