Writing Prompt #2

I’m back with the second writing prompt! This is one that I’m very interested in the outcome.

New Challenge- and a schedule!

So hello everyone! I’ve done a few things since I last checked in! First things first, I’ve come up with a schedule! Every Wednesday I will post a writing prompt. Every Saturday I will do a blog post or an update, etc. The prompts will all be posted on Pinterest, where I made a new…

Three Strikes

Amelia picked up her spear and tested its weight. She frowned. Too light. “Getting ready Miss?” a  young boy asked, coming in. “Yes,” Amelia said shortly. She began to strap her black armor on. She lifted her long black hair out of the way of the straps and gestured for the boy to tighten them….

A couple picture prompts

I couldn’t come up with what to post today, so… some picture prompts from https://promptuarium.wordpress.com Enjoy! I personally love the last one. If anyone writes out of one of these, please tell me because I hand-picked them out of a whole bunch and want to know the stories, ESPECIALLY the last one. Also, if you…

Time Travel Rules

A link to the writing prompt that inspired this is below, along with the actual prompt. Ruby smiled and nodded to her Queen, even though she was worried. “I assume that you, as the inventor of time travel, are able to create rules for time travel?” “Of course, My Lady.” Ruby bowed the Queen out…

I am a Queen

SHORT STORY- A queen reveals that being a queen is so much more than a title.

The Storm of a Hundred Years

Chapter 1 “The hardest thing  you will ever do, my dear, is to grieve someone who is not dead. And I should know.” Zinnia glanced up at the older lady again. She was that sort of simple pretty, with caramel-brown hair and startling grey eyes. Gray eyes that looked like Zinnia’s, caramel-brown hair like Zinnia’s….

Dear Readers,

Dear Reader, Hi, I have to tell you, that I just really thought this should be in letter format. I don’t know why, but it just seems right. How are you guys? You know, sometimes I wonder what people think about my posts. Does it make a difference to you what I post? Do you…

Where I Write

Now, my ideal is different from my actual writing place. I’m only 13 so I can’t drive anywhere, or lot of part of my house for a office. Okay, so I write in my living room with bustle and hustle all around, it has vaulted ceilings, so any noise my siblings make is amplified. I…