200 posts??? (plus prompts)

so I got a notification and I apparently have 200 posts now!! Who knew? (not me) Anyways, I have a few prompts to share:

Prompt sentances

These are some sentences I wrote. You can use them if you want to. (And you can modify them. I wrote them for school, so they aren’t all great) By the river, on the dock, the pretty little girls danced to nonexistent, endless music. During the recital, Briar’s heart had been in her throat to her…

BUSY BUSY + prompts

So my grandparents are gone, BUT my other grandparents are coming really soon and we are doing other stuff to get ready for them this week. So I should be able to post this week, but not next week. SO SORRY, but once they all leave I’ll post all the time. (: Onward- to the…


Please tell me if you write one of these because I really want to know how they turn out. If it’s a short story you write- you can put it on Undersized Books!!!!!! (: Just ask!

Story Ideas

So for Elevate homework I had to make up 10 story ideas. (It’s not that hard) I really liked them, more than I thought I would, so here they are! A Indian (meaning an actual girl from INDIA- not a Native American) girl who’s parents want to arrange a marriage for her. She secretly is…